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Recon-Navigation System (RNAV2)

Recon-Navigation System (RNAV2)


RNAV2 Precision Navigation System (p/n 4600-101) is an innovative electronic navigation system that can be either mounted in the DPD to enable precision navigation by combat divers, or without divers for Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle (AUV) missions. Additionally, the RNAV2 can be dismounted in seconds for swimming in hand-held mode. In any role, the RNAV2 offers SOF personnel the unprecedented capability of a navigation tool for precise clandestine subsea navigation, mine countermeasures, beach reconnaissance, ship-attack, missions, object identification, and AUV operations.

The RNAV2 adjustable backlit 8.4” color LCD screen constantly displays the operator’s position on a high resolution moving map display for instantaneous situational awareness. Position accuracy of 0.25% over distance traveled is achieved through a suite of high-accuracy on-board sensors and an optimized Kalman filter.

The RNAV2 is powered by an internal BB-2590/U Li-Ion battery which provides system power for 7+ hours or 4.5+ hours when configured with the 2S Sonar Option forward imaging sonar.

RNAV2 includes the following cutting edge precision accuracy sensors:

  • 600kHz Doppler Velocity Log (DVL)
  • 3-axis compass module with sub 1° heading accuracy
  • 40 channel GPS with <2.5m position accuracy
  • Multi-state Kalman filter

The battery life enables 1500 full discharge cycles and is recharged though an external recharging port on the RNAV2. Recharge time is <8 hours. The simple to operate ergonomic input devices and user-friendly mission planning software allow all levels of users to create waypoints and routes and easily upload them into the RNAV2.

RNAV2 and AP2 Autopilot run on Greensea Proprietary Software

Greensea RNAV2 and AP2 Autopilot are powered by Greensea’s proprietary Balefire software, which provides easy-to-use, highly accurate navigation and control system applications for military and commercial use. Surveillance, detection, identification, and prosecution of targets can be executed efficiently and repeatedly with the exclusive proprietary RNAV2/Greensea package.

The AP2 Autopilot provides instantaneous pitch, roll, and depth control for a stable platform and pinpoint navigational accuracy. Stability and
control translates to accurate, reliable mission performance, while divers in hostile environments are free to focus on the rather than vehicle control.

Greensea proprietary features:RNAV2 and AP2 Autopilot

  • Station keeping
  • Alarm management
  • Target tracking
  • Target-relative positioning
  • Dynamic positioning
  • Mission execution
  • Single-screen, intuitive interface

Greensea’s reliability, presentation, and performance make it the choice of leading military and scientific operators of manned, unmanned, subsea, and surface vessels worldwide.

Greensea partners with STIDD Systems, Inc. to provide advanced custom solutions for the DPD, RNAV2, AP2, Sub Boat, and other diver vehicles.